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"We Are Family," a Grammy winning song that brought people together and soared on the charts in 1979, was just one highlight in the creative career of Kim Sledge. Alongside her sisters and a wide range of other artists, she's spent decades exploring her faith and inspirations through her art. Now, she brings together her writing, music, and other creative endeavors in one place, creating an intimate and interactive community where everyone can take some time to breathe and be themselves.

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You can keep up with her latest performances, upcoming books, and other opportunities while also sharing your own work. Kim has had the privilege of being immersed in music all her life, and the way that it levels the playing field for people all around the world makes it a special part of her own life. Her current work involves exploring her faith, connecting with fans, and highlighting some of the most inspiring ideas and creative work she encounters.

Whether you're a fan of Sister Sledge, someone looking for a personal escape, or a creative in need of a platform to propel your art into the spotlight, you can find help here. There's no pressure, just an opportunity to take a break from life's hardships and be your most authentic self through the universal language of art.

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