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About Kim Sledge

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Kim is an original member of Sister Sledge, and her career spans decades outside of the band's work. Today, she is also a mom, a daughter, an auntie, a singer, a writer, and a whole lot of other things in between. But most importantly, she is someone who loves God and believes in the power of connection and encouragement. Her current work is all about elevating people through providing a platform and continuing her own creative project.

Currently, Kim has a number of things on her plate. She's written "RTWO: Rest, Trust Worship, and Obey," and has both new music and a new children's book titled "Jul & Dre" which is part of a childrens, six book series. Much of her work is inspired by navigating through the entertainment indurty with their single mom at the helm, they experienced firsthand the healing power of love and faith. She dedicates herself to helping others discover possibilities and to find the same support that carried her through her toughest moments. 

Making the Most of Music

Kim's online work is built on a deep connection to music in all its forms. She's seen the impact it can make in someone's life, and learned to feel the tethers between herself and an audience. Her journey has been extraordinary, and she wants to help others take the next steps along their own paths. Even in a time of great hardship, love and connection can be found in the right words and through compelling chords.

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